spicy salmon sushi lettuce wrap

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spicy salmon sushi lettuce wrap

Sometimes, you miss breakfast. Or maybe, instead of eating a figure-friendly, craving-stomping, high protein breakfast, you grab a coffee or three and a muffin, and bury your face in your laptop until you realize it’s 1:30 p.m., breakfast and lunchtime have both passed, and you are HANGRY.

What to do? You could eat a few pieces of toast slathered in butter and another cup of coffee. Wipe the drool from your face! That’s not lunch. That’s a blood sugar spike waiting to happen.  (more…)

lose fat with low-carb lunches

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A huge part of fitness — especially bodyfat-oriented goals — involves the fuel that goes into the body you are trying to sculpt and strengthen. You can hit the gym and kick your own ass around the block five days each week, but if you are eating processed foods and/or overeating on a regular basis, you’ll never see the results you deserve.

You deserve those #BBresults! (more…)

toronto’s best mom-&-baby bootcamp – save your spot for the indoor season

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Lights! Music! Dryness! Welcome, autumn, with all your winds and rains and “dews” that look suspiciously like “frosts…” It’s been a blast, but we at BB are happy to wrap up the 2014 stroller fitness season and launch a fun (and dry) season of our popular indoor Belly Bootcamp fitness with baby!

The BEST Results. The MOST Fun.


healthy thanksgiving dinner substitutions

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Thanksgiving. A statutory holiday for belts. Dig out your stretchiest waistband and most flattering top. It’s turkey time.

There are plenty of silly recipes out there for low-calorie holiday meals. Let’s face it. We only really give ourselves a free pass to eat to our heart’s content a few times per year. And let me tell you, straight-up: overeating at Thanksgiving dinner will not make you gain weight. Overeating at Christmas dinner will not make you gain weight. Overeating at every meal from Thanksgiving to January 1st will make you gain weight. Do we see the difference? (more…)

paleo pumpkin spice pancakes

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We’re jumping on the pumpkin bandwagon because, honestly, there is almost no yummier vegetable (gourd?) than the pumpkin. Since the Thanksgiving weekend officially kicks off the pumpkin spice season (someone inform Starbucks, please, that fall does not start in August…) we’re bringing you a figure-friendly recipe to satisfy two cravings in one! Make a healthy, festive brunch to satisfy the pancake monsters in your house or impress your holiday guests, without breaking the calorie bank. In other words, more calories banked for wine at dinner. Way to save, you math genius, you…

worth it: pumpkin chocolate cheesecake

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This weekend, schedule an extra sweat session and then schedule a humongous piece of this decadent pumpkin chocolate cheesecake. We promise, you won’t regret it. After all, woman cannot live on kale alone.


mommy of the week: amanda p.

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Meet Amanda from our Mississauga location! Amanda is a brand-spanking-new Belly Bootcamper, who joined in September when baby Amelie was just 3 months old. We love to hear that she’s hooked on the strength building and fat loss benefits she’s already seeing after just a few weeks. We’ve got big plans to keep challenging her. Thanks, Amanda!

welcome, bb baby elyse!

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Congratulations, Cecilia!


welcome, elyse brenda margaret young. xo

welcome, elyse brenda margaret young. xo

If you’ve been to BB, you know Cecilia. She manages the registrations and accounts for all of our lovely Belly Bootcampers, handles the attendance for all of our amazing BB trainers, AND taught fab classes and trained BB personal training clients five days per week until a week before her EDD. She is a powerhouse, in short! No surprise, then, that she birthed a baby in less than one hour of labour. We would like to think teaching five BB classes per week has something to do with that amazing push power… 

baby Elyse meets big brother Lucas.

baby Elyse meets big brother Lucas.

We’ve done the math, and baby Elyse has already attended approximately 200 BB classes. We’re planning to have her certified and teaching BB by about age 5.

Cecilia shares Elyse’s birth story with us…


Elyse Brenda Margaret Young was born promptly on her due date of September 19th. Due to my son, Lucas, being almost 2 weeks overdue, I was in total denial that she was on her way! Lucas was starting a new preschool on September 19th and, even though I was feeling a few signs of early labour, I decided to take him to the school to help ease his nerves. Well, by the time I dropped him off I was having strong contractions. I got home at 9:30 am and Elyse was born at 10:24 am at our home.

We had planned or have the baby at the Toronto Birth Centre but it was not to be. Thanks to my amazing midwives who had to work quickly with nothing prepared! Elyse was 7 lbs, 7 oz and we feel so lucky that she is a part of our family.

- Cecilia

We can’t wait to have you and Elyse back at BB, Cecilia!


Want to send your congrats directly to Cecilia?


congratulations, Cecilia!



5 exercise ball moves for your core

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What can you do with that exercise ball, aside from bounce baby to sleep? Try this booty-burning, core-toning exercise ball circuit!

One of my absolute favourite things about being an in-home personal trainer, is showing people how to use things they have readily available in their home to create a butt-kicking workout! Aside from a set of stairs (we’ll save that for another day!), the one thing that most of my clients have in their home that they don’t use to its maximum potential is a stability ball. Because so many of my clients are new moms, the stability ball may have made its way into their house to use as an aide during the latter stages of pregnancy and for use during labour. Many people think they should use the ball either as an alternative to a chair or to do countless (and useless) crunches. The stability ball is actually an fantastic tool to challenge all aspects of your core. (more…)

baked ham & egg cups

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Prepare to be amazed. 2 ingredients. 30 seconds of prep. 12 minutes to cook (hands-off, while you put coffee on, pack school lunches, nurse the baby, or primp for the day). BAM. Breakfast.  (more…)