make everything better bruschetta recipe

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It’s just a fact: everything tastes better with bruschetta. OK, except maybe chocolate ice cream. Seriously, try adding this classic, refreshing tomato-basil bruschetta to grilled chicken, steak, or fish, or add it to tacos, wraps, and even scrambled eggs. This recipe is fast, delish, and guilt-free!


anywhere, anytime workout plan

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Need a simple workout you can follow at home, at the cottage, or in a hotel gym? All you need to remember is “hold, pulse, push, & power push!” Steal this go-to anywhere, anytime workout that’s easy to remember but a fantastic strength training challenge! (more…)

mommy of the week: adrienne a.

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Meet Adrienne from our Beach location! Adrienne is a two-time Belly Bootcamper, having trained with us after both of her babies were born. She knows all of our tricks but still manages to keep a smile on her face (like she hasn’t heard the words “just five more reps!” sixteen thousand times by now). Adrienne is a quiet force to be reckoned with, and we are just hoping she tries for baby #3 so we can train her again. Thanks, Adrienne!

is swimming the best summer cardio?

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After a sketchy spring, summer is here and – as usual – we’ve forgotten all the whining we did about our cold spring and are all wishing it weren’t so freaking hot.

We’ve been surviving, hitting Toronto’s various splash pads and wading pools at every opportunity. But I have a confession: I am actually not a great swimmer. OK, if we’re being honest, my name and “swimmer” do not belong in the same sentence. I can get by, I can tread water, I can swim a bit to save my life…but it’s definitely not my strong suit. Drinking margaritas next to the water? Now, that I can do. I think once I’ve got a bit more time on my hands for hobbies and the like, I’ll take some adult swimming lessons and brush up on my skills.

Because there is no better exercise when it’s 45 freaking degrees than swimming:

  • You can’t feel the heat.
  • You burn tons of calories.
  • You tone your whole body.


grilled sesame chicken + thai cashew salad

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It’s grilling season! I pretty much put my oven on permanent strike from mid-June to mid-September, and dinners are often simple salads with a yummy grilled side dish. I often do the prep work in advance — which in this case is dumping ingredients into a zip lock bag and then refrigerating — and cooking duty is often delegated out to the husband while I sit outside and enjoy the early evening sun on the patio.

One of my go-to weeknight meals are these Sesame Chicken Skewers paired with a simple yet super flavourful Thai-inspired cashew salad. This dinner is low carb, but packed with protein and healthy fats so it’s both satisfying to eat and helps to make up for the beer I may or may not enjoy during my patio time…  (more…)

welcome Simonne to the BB team

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We are excited to introduce you to the newest BB trainer, Simonne Darby!


“Strength for living” describes Simonne’s approach to fitness. When she’s not working, you can find Simonne making fitness a part of her own everyday lifestyle — practicing hand-stands in the park to the delight of her 3 year old daughter Maya, lifting weights in the gym or running hill sprints. (more…)

worth it: crispy campfire stick bread

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This Canada Day long weekend, heat up the backyard fire pit or get cozy around the fire at your cottage with this simple and memorable campfire stick bread. We think it’s worth the indulgence, and might make a great family tradition your little people (and big people) will remember for years to come.


the best of you

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An amazing thing happened a few weeks ago during one of my personal training sessions with a longtime Belly Bootcamp client. In the middle of her session, while performing an exercise in front of a mirror, she told me that she “really likes her upper body.” Now, that might not seem like such a noteworthy moment, but in this industry it truly is. (more…)

mommy of the week: lesley p.

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Meet mommy of one, Lesley, from our Beach location. An avid soccer player and half-marathoner, Lesley has been training for 3 months with BB and just completed her first post-baby half marathon!  We’ve been nothing short of impressed with her lighting focus and amazing ability to keep her mouth shut and just get to work. Keeping our mouths shut is not something we trainers excel at. Lesley, any chance you’d like to trade some etiquette coaching for some more burpees?…

amazing “power cookie” recipe

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These are Belly-Bootcamp-kicked-my-butt-and-now-I’m-staaaaaaaaarving cookies. Packed with nut butter, seeds and whole grains—and free of refined sugars—they boast 6 grams of protein, oodles of fibre, and a soft chocolatey interior that will satisfy even the most serious of cookie cravings. (more…)